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Once you have decided to put your home on the market, (or if you are simply looking for a property face lift) try to view it from a buyer’s perspective.  Here are five key steps to give your home a winning look:

1. Keep it clean.  A good cleaning and fresh paint create the impression that your home has been well-cared for.

2. Keep it uncluttered.  It will be neater and look larger.  You want to convey a spacious feeling. 

3. Keep it neutral.  Eliminate distracting colors and personal accessories; neutral colors and simple décor can help someone visualize their own   belongings in the room. 

Keep it dynamic.  Make your home memorable!  From fresh flowers to fresh clean smells, 

1. Your home should be inviting. 

2. Showtime!  Make a final check of every room.  Keep toys, clothes, food and other items picked-up.

THE SMALL DETAILS: with the key steps in mind, take a specific inventory of your home.


· Trim, weed & tidy up lawn/garden

· Clean up pet areas; resod or seed

· Repair screens windows & doors

· Add potted or hanging flowers to deck or porch

Living/Family Room

· Open the shades & draperies to let in light

· Rearrange furniture for openness

· Spot clean carpets or rugs

· Apply neutral paint

· Use flowers, candles  & potpourri


· Clear away unused small appliances
  Remove stains from sink

· Straighten memo areas & remove papers

· Clean & deodorize vent or exhaust hood

The Bedroom

· Straighten up closets

· Box & store surplus clothing & shoes

· Arrange toys to look appealing

· Add curtains or valences to rooms

· Remove attention-getting posters

The Bathroom

· Clean counters & store extra toiletries

· Remove stains & mold from sink, tub or shower

· Patch, caulk & grout

· Put out attractive “for-show-only” towels

And for those of you who would like the advice and guidance of a professional stager, who does nothing but stage new homes for a living.  Call Melissa Mason at (714) 960-9849           to schedule a private appointment.  Feel free to contact me for a Feng Shui master to bring good chi to your home.    


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