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As we all know, selling of your home is one of the most trying times in your life. One day Noelle was dropping a flyer off at my house (as she always had) and it struck me that she always had a smile on your face. Real estate is a very hard industry to be in. Noelle was always cheery, personable and professional during the entire process. She gave an abundance of time and encouragement to me and the final outcome was well worth it. I would DEFINITELY recommend her to all my friends, family and acquaintances’ in fact we have come to be friends.

Alice Mason
   Fountain Valley, Ca
Noelle Hipke was so professional & knowledgeable when we requested her to find us some property. She listened carefully to our needs and the next day showed us a place fitting our description. What impressed us also was the important information regarding our financial & other choices that we had not thought about. She really is in touch of the needs of Seniors by answering our questions, counseling us in the process and showing patience to meet our needs.
Richard & Ada Cole
Costa Mesa, Ca 


Noelle Hipke is a blessing in disguise. She taught us how to save on taxes, maximize and build our equity, and structure our current and future real estate transactions so we can maintain our quality of life. Noelle provided straightforward information and has the knowledge, experience, and credentials to help us create a wonderful retirement lifestyle.

 Judy Saeman
     Las Vegas, Nv

I would like to thank Noelle Hipke for helping me get back on my feet after going thru a divorce and being forced to sell the home I raised my kids in. Not only did she guide me thru the process, but she helped find my family a rental property in an amazing community with great schools and caring neighbors. Thanks to Noelle I now have a new life and a happy home to raise my kids. Noelle definitely goes above and beyond the call of duty and is more than just a Realtor, she is a good friend.

 Karen Griner
    Huntington Beach, Ca

You are the best Noelle! Thanks for helping us find our dream home! As first time buyers, I know we were quite the challenge. You drove us from city to city every weekend for several weeks, answered our questions and continued to respond to our phone calls several times a day when we were in the home buying process. I hope we didn’t drive you too crazy… your patience, knowledge and guidance shows. I will be recommending your services to all my friends and family who are looking to buy/sell real estate in the future.

 Crystal Bolte, Luis Fernandez
     Aliso Viejo, Ca

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