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I love to write!  Therefore, I am devoting this entire blog section to anything and everything I write about.  Some things may not pertain to real estate but as I grow and learn more about life, I continue to give back to the universe by offering up the words of wisdom I have acquired over the years. 

I believe in constantly evolving and continue to educate myself on a daily basis. As you will see, I tend to focus on Seniors and their needs.  I am pretty involved in the Senior Community and am preparing for things most people my age don't even consider.  I have my funeral planned, my home in a trust and a will in place.  I have found most people aren't prepared for life after their life and one of my main goals is to guide clients on the process of putting their wishes into place. 

If I could be of service to you or one of your family members, please feel free to contact me anytime.  I am not only here as a Realtor, but as a person of resources, referrals and recommendations. 

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