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Hello Everyone,
I just took an amazing trip around the New Zealand.  It's something I've always wanted to do for decades & after the recent loss of 2 dear young friends, I decided now is the time not put it off any longer.  So I pulled the trigger and went for 2 weeks...just me myself and I.  Grant of my best friends in this lifetime now lives there, so I was in good company.  I grew alot from this trip, did some soul searching and will be implementing new changes in my life.  I met some amazing people....artists, seniors, educators, etc.  I strongly encourage all of you who have been thinking about doing something extreme in your life to shift it to do so!  You just never know what you will discover about yourself or where it will take you!  Here are a few fun photos...

Whangarei, New Zealand
About 2 Hours out of Auckland & this is where I spent most of my time....
connecting with the earth!

Waiheke Island, New Zealand
This was a cool bird shot! 
I got the urge to lift my hands & my friend snapped this photo...

Bay of Islands, New Zealand
I have always wanted to parasail & I finally lived out my dream! 

I was moved to tears by the beauty & awe I experienced when looking at the Milky Way for the first time in New Zealand. It literally took my breath away! I could see millions of stars in the sky & all it's dimensions. Suddenly I understood infinity in a moment.
Now on to some business....
For 2014 I organized Senior Sunday Brunch Seminars for Seniors and Children of Seniors.  The goal is to help educate people on their retirement options. I find the younger generations are not prepared or educated in the ever changing needs for retirement, let alone are the Seniors as informed they should be.  Retirement is a family decision and life altering.  Come learn how to prepare and live the best golden years in your life!  Get to know trusted people who specialize with Seniors and tour communities to learn about their services!  One day we will all be Seniors ourselves!!!  Scary I know...but come make the contacts you need to make good life choices! 

Seniors Real Estate Specialist Noelle Hipke Hosts Senior Sunday Brunch Seminar at Retirement Communities, Assisted Living Communities & Senior Apartments in the Orange County Area.


Noelle will be teaming up with Reverse Mortgage Educators as well as Trust and Estate Planning Attorneys.  We will be hosting "Senior Sunday Brunch" at different Senior Communities in the Orange County area.  It will include an Educational Seminar as well as complimentary Sunday Brunch and Children of Seniors are welcome to attend.
*Complimentary Food Provided      *Raffle Prizes
***Seating is limited...Please RSVP 888-881-1949  or register at to reserve your seat!***

February 23, 2014                  March 16, 2014           
 Atria Woodbridge                  Meridian Gardens      
 Irvine                                     Anaheim

April 6, 2014                                                May 18, 2014                                         
FountainGlen at Laguna Niguel                  FountainGlen at Jacaranda           
Laguna Niguel                                             Fullerton

June 8, 2014                                                July 13, 2014                                    
Alzheimer's Family Services Center            Emeritus                 
Huntington Beach                                        Garden Grove

August 17, 2014
Atria Golden Creek

Noelle was on the Radio Stations 740 AM & 1150 talking about her "Services to the Seniors".  
Did you know there is a Realtor Designation for Seniors? 
It's called the "Seniors Real Estate Specialist" and I have held it since 2006.

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